Retell San Francisco through a hybrid, game-like storytelling event

We invite you to retell San Francisco through a hybrid, game-like storytelling event. Wander around the city, find your picks in tiny baskets on location or online.

Follow the steps.

1. Pick a site.

a location, structure, cityscape, public art, bus stop, alley, and more.

2. Pick a prompt.

How do you feel as though this site would taste?

If you could touch this landscape as a whole, how do you think it would feel?

If you were to name this site, what would you name it?

Compose a song about this spot. Sing it to someone you know.

Write a poem about this scene, location, or space.

3. Pick a medium.





And more

4. Create a new story with your combination(s).

5. Send them to us!

Join a fireside chat and see San Francisco in many different ways. Fireside chat will take place online between 5pm-7pm. In person attendance will be limited to 10 people on location and participants must RSVP. Stories from the event will be made into a book collection of which the original will be kept by Stories Make Us + Tiny Publishings, a California 501(c)3 non-profit organization archive. Copies of it will be available to participants in a collection called Shapeshifting Stories at San Francisco Design Week 2022 in return for a suggested donation of 25$-50$. The event/experience was originally designed by Gozde Efe for Root Division, a visual arts non-profit, in 2019. Artist Tracy Ren contributed to the development of it by creating the initial prompts.



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